Life is out to get me!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Posted by Break from Sanity @ 3:35 PM

Yes, I realize this sounds a bit irrational and paranoid, but man does it ever feel like it lately.

Take last night for instance.....

I went out deposited a check later in the evening, and was driving on the highway toward Walmart. It was raining but nothing heavy, though it was off and on raining most of the day.

I was getting close to home when coming up and over a small overpass (goes over the roads crossing underneath), when I hit a puddle and it yanked me toward the barrier at an angle that would have put me over the side of the overpass and into the street below had I not been able to resume control.

I was going 50 on a 75MPH highway, in light rain.

Ok, heart is slowing down...

Five minutes later I am off the highway, and pulling into Walmart parking lot...

And some old guy in a boat, errr, I mean a grey car, looks to be a Cadillac (size of a boat), swings his car out 18 wheeler style, meaning he took a VERY wide turn ending up almost colliding with me head on as I am turning into the parking lot.

Some people should not be driving.

If you have a big car and you don't know how to drive it or turn that damn thing, get a smaller car or take the bus.

I get myself pulled into a parking space, and calm down to the point I don't want to get out and punch the guy in the nose.

I call my wife, and tell her I love her, just-in-case Life decides to get serious and take me all the way out!

I wanted her to hear that I love her....just-in-case...