The quick story moments

Friday, September 22, 2006
Posted by Break from Sanity @ 7:59 PM

Just for giggles I thought I would write a few quick paragraphs for fun, on just whatever passed through my head at the time to see how well I could do.


She sat across from me on the blanket we spread across the misted, green grass. Her hair fluttered around her head like a halo, light mist glittering in each strand making her hair seemingly filled with sparkling diamonds.

The mist drifts up from the waterfall crashing into the pool ten feet below; the rumble of the constant rush of water as it crashes down to the pool fills our ears as we laugh with delight......


I was running out of air.

I could feel the air in my lungs yearning, no, more like burning for release, to flee from my chest wildly and to suck in a great lung-full of fresh air...

I dared not, could not, it would mean certain death by drowning if I allowed this burning need, so I clamped my lips together tightly, my chest hot with desire for breath as I struggled toward the surface.

It is so dark this deep that I can barely make out my hands in front of my face as I frantically struggle upward.

So cold.....

I can't... I don't know if I can...

Is that a light?

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

My chest is screaming or is it myself screaming behind my tightly clamped lips? I don't know, but I know I won't last much longer.

Please God, let that be the surface....



"Where the hell is he?", I mutter to myself.

He was suppose to go in, grab a pack of smokes and be right back.

I stare at the small party store, grumbling at how long he is taking, when he bursts out of the door like the demons of Hell were on right on his tail.

He sees me staring slack-jawed at his exit from the store, and yells, "GO! GO! GO! WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE NOW! MOOOOOVE IT!"

Not knowing what is going on, but knowing urgency when I hear it, my mind kicks into automatic as I shove the car in gear, tires smoking on the pavement, just as he dives into the backseat.

Tearing out of the parking lot and onto the road, I spare a moment to cast my gaze into the backseat where I see him sitting up and a sudden chill spreads up my spine as I say, "What did you do?"

He leans his head back resting it on back of the seat, slowly blowing out the smoke from the cigarette he just lit, and starts to laugh. He continues to stare at the ceiling of the car and chuckling saying, "Man, you should have seen your face when I came bursting out the door like that. What? You think I robbed the place or something?"

[laughter from the backseat]

"I just wanted to put some excitement into your life", he says as I grit my teeth.

"I bet your heart is beating a hundred times a minute right now, eh?", he says as he chuckles some more from the backseat.

I glare into the rearview mirror at him and say, "Remind me to beat you senseless when we stop next...."

Give or take 15 minutes, perhaps a bit more, cause I was dealing with the kids at the same time, is all it took to throw this together off the top of my head.

This was not pre-planned.
I decided to try and write from scratch, and just go with a idea or two here or there to write a little bit off the spur of the moment.

Hope you enjoyed.

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