What is wrong with some people....

Monday, January 15, 2007
Posted by Break from Sanity @ 3:27 AM

It's been awhile and I decided to check out who is coming and going through my blog on sitemeter when I ran across this "search" that brought up my blog....why I have no idea....

Referring URL: http://www.google.co...g daughters privates
Search Engine: google.com
Search Words: caught neighbor boy kissing daughters privates

Was it because I have a daughter (Drama Queen) and I talk about her? Where the kissing and privates came from I don't know...but....ungh...do not come here please.

Thank you google for making my post sound raunchy and sexual...ungh.
I looked at what the search brought up and this is what google cached on my post:

Taking a Sanity Break: December 2006
I have seen little boys kiss a girl on a cheek, I have seen two little girls ... and responsibilities on children who know that their privates are for going ...
breakinsanity.blogspot.com/2006_12_01_breakinsanity_archive.html - 95k -

Way to make what I was writing sound sexual about children....[sighs]

Well here is an interesting one:

Referring URL: http://search.blogge...=blg&q=sexual sanity
Search Engine: search.blogger.com
Search Words: sexual sanity

Hmm that was a search done through Blogger itself, which brought up this post from my blog:

Taking Politically Correct too far
21 Dec 2006 by Break from Sanity
The incident was described as "sexual harassment" on the school form. School officials consider a student's age and ... Fifteen of those suspensions were for sexual harassment. ... Children do not think of sexual harrassment, adults do. ...

Interesting what mixes of words will bring up.

What else can I find people searching for that come up with my blog.......

Hmmm, this one I can fully understand:

Referring URL http://www.google.co...c &btnG=Search&meta=
Search Engine google.com.au
Search Words lower back sores after chiropractic

Since I did a few detailed posts and charts on what has happened to my back (I am still recovering) and how much pain I was in, I feel for you (person searching) if you are going through problems with your back. It is nothing to take lightly. You take for granted bending over to put on or tie your shoes...until you can't.

Hmm, a few minor news searches on "leg buckling" (related to what I wrote about my back problem) and another news search on a Walmart break in, related to an earlier posting I wrote probably about shopping at Walmart during Christmas.

Other searches noticed:

Luxury yachts: Oh boy, you picked the wrong section. I have a plastic toy boat though if you really want one....

Dance fads of the 1970s: Ummm, that would be DISCO. C'mon, you know you want to sing it....IN THE NAVY....or how about ....MACHO MACHO MAN...[chuckles]

[Rolling on the floor laughing at the moment.....]

Bengay smell: Ok, c'mon...you were searching for a Bengay SMELL? Scratch and Sniff? [laughs]

TAKING ME FOR STUPID: Yes, that is exactly how the search was typed out, and it looks to be that the searcher was ANGRY. Funny thing is, my blog post was 1st up on the hit that search got. [chuckles]

Save me from stupidity: Funny, same post as the "TAKING ME FOR STUPID" search came up number one again.

I should check out who is out there searching and hitting my blog. Makes for a quick chuckle here and there.